Do you ever wish you could trade places with someone for a day, take care of a few things, and then switch back? That’s me, today. It is beyond difficult to watch someone you love so dearly go through something so painful as emotional abuse; what I call one of the “silent killers”.

Women who face daily emotional abuse must find the strength to stand for themselves, their health and their loved ones and end behavior that enables their husbands.  I believe that every women in an abusive relationship has the strength to do this; they are not the ‘weaker sex” that must submit to abusive husbands. Marriage was not created for a husband to abuse his wife while the wife submits and loyally cares and loves him through all her actions. They were created to love and respect one another equally.

I have been in two abusive relationships. One ended in my suffering a broken nose and the other ended with scars of emotional torment and anguish. Do you know which one hurt me worse? The nose healed, but the emotional toll taken on the soul is a deeper scar. Sure, we learn from the emotional turmoil, however, I don’t believe that everyone can actually heal completely. This has been evident in many lives around me. For myself, I got over it (for the most part) and learned from it. However, I also experienced lack of trust, commitment issues (because in my mind everyone was going to cause me emotional havoc after committing to a relationship), and many other things that I’m sure my husband could list because he remembers them better than me. These things went away after meeting my husband and life moved on to be better than I ever imagined. Enough on my past..back to abuse.

Women who face abuse on a daily basis may feel too wore out and hopeless to leave the situation. They feel as though they have nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. People will judge them, right? Wrong! There are so many women that have faced similar predicaments and have come through battered and bruised (inside and out); BUT, they came out of it and SURVIVED! You are not alone. Always, always remember that.

Speak up. That’s the first step. Do NOT hold it in or opt out of telling someone that your spouse is hurting you regularly; whether it is mentally, physically or both. If you feel deep down that something isn’t right, speak up. Talk to someone in your family or a close friend who is understanding and won’t judge or condemn you. If you have to go to the hospital for treatment, tell your nurse or doctor! They are there to help you and will not be able to help you thoroughly if you do not tell them the real reason for your injuries or your ailments. As someone who has worked in the health care field, let me tell you that we have nothing more important than making sure that our patients are safe. Go ahead and open up. Cry, let it out. I guarantee you will feel better. I can’t guarantee the road after that will be easy…but it will lead you out of the abuse and into the life you deserve.

Get support. We were not created to live alone! We were created to help one another and be there for each other regardless of happiness or tears. Find a support group if you don’t have friends. I realize that a lot of abused women have no friends at all; often stemming from embarrassment or the control of a husband. Don’t feel bad that you have little or no friends; it is more than likely you will meet a few on your road to recovery from abuse. And what’s even better is that your new found friends will have had similar experiences and you can grow and strengthen together.

Abuse. The word has a ring to it that echoes into the deepest parts of us. It’s almost hard to say, because nobody really wants to be that person that calls the situation “abusive”. But abuse is real, and it doesn’t always leave visible bruises; some of the worst abuse is attacks the very core of who someone is, emotional abuse. Abuse will change who you are and what you do. Accepting that you are or were abused, and I mean really really accepting it, will be hard. It will take time. You won’t want to be “that looked down upon person” who had the “rough life”. But, everyone has rough times and everyone goes through things that are difficult to get out of or come through. It doesn’t matter. Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter that you could be labeled as the woman that got abused by her husband and was “stupid” enough to stay in it. It does not matter what others think of you. You were not stupid, you were intimidated and scared. Being scared in such a situation is completely okay.

Stick with it. Don’t go back. There are a lot of people who will go right back to their abuser or those who will immediately find another relationship and find themselves in either the same or worse situation. Keep your mind straight and give yourself time to heal before moving on. It took me months to move on from the broken nose, but years to move on after emotional abuse.

I pray that every woman out there who is part of an abusive relationship has the strength to stand up for herself and choose to take the trek up the steep rocky mountain of leaving an abusive relationship; the view from the mountain peak is worth the trek.


Please note: This is written with the woman in mind who has failed to get their spouse into counseling, or has gone through all of the steps to help the relationship before leaving it. Helping the relationship does not mean sitting and hoping for improvement. This means that the abusive spouse refuses to get help and will not change their ways. From a biblical perspective I understand that divorce is not “allowed” unless there is adultery, but in certain circumstances there is abuse that is life threatening and health damaging and should not be tolerated or overlooked as “marital issues” in the family of Christ.

Through Him All Things Were Made


Through him all things were made. Everything known to man was made with the same simple elements composed of protons, neutrons and electrons in various arrangements (to keep it simple). Everything, period.

Arguments and debates begin and often distract us from the true picture; which is one of God’s infinite ability and glory. Does it really matter, in our daily lives and to our salvation through Christ how God made everything?

He wanted us to know that he made everything but did not see it necessary to explain the hows in details and timelines. Time was created for us, and sometimes we forget that. He is the past, present and future. God has no time. Mere humans would not be able to comprehend the hows even if God did explain them; we may think that our society is advanced in the fields of science and mathematics but  we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure that our God does not intend for his children to quarrel over petty things that no living human will ever have an answer to. It is his will that none shall perish, and with that we should focus on the faith rather than “proving” or forcing opinions on others. Sometimes quarrels over creation can tear apart fellowships that would otherwise be strong. And for what? Nobody has the answer. Focus on the faith.

Seeing Lines

You have probably wondered why I have not written my follow ups to the series on antibiotic resistance and essential oils. Well, I have been struck with some nasty nausea and migraines continuously. You see, I was taking the oregano but realized that it’s probably not the best thing to take when trying to have more children. I stopped taking it for the most part, and only took it two days last week when I had nausea first thing in the morning because I knew it helped with that. Not thinking much about the nausea, since I often have that sensation anyway, I went about my days. But, I also got two migraines last week which don’t happen anymore.

One day I came home early from a hike because I felt so sick and had another sudden migraine. I took a pregnancy test, which came back negative.  I knew it would be negative but it made me feel better to check. My husband told me to wait until the morning and take another. I told him it would be a waste, but I took one the next day anyway and left it alone, since I knew it would be negative.

Well, I went up after I ate breakfast and there it was….that second line. I thought I was seeing things but I’ve seen enough negative strips in the past year to know that this was surely a line! I looked at every angle and then my husband looked and he saw it too. I had to go to the store for some art supplies, but as soon as I got back I took another one. And there was the second line again..showing up as soon as I took the test! Over the past few days I’ve accumulated a strip of strips (love the cheap pregnancy tests from amazon!) with at least 7 positives and about 3 I would consider negatives. When I had my daughter the tests the doctors did were very faint positives and my numbers did not climb too quickly in the beginning. To have a line up of positives this early is a good thing! We are hoping it sticks this time! However, we are only cautiously excited because of past experience.

I seem to be functioning better first thing in the morning (before finishing eating) but the rest of the days have been nothing but fighting the nausea and throbbing migraines. Sleep would be wonderful but the pain is too intense. I fear taking advil could disrupt things and tylenol does nothing. So, for now, I will continue my research during the hours I can think straight and write as often as I can!



Dyslexia: How it Reads


If you do not know me, you probably don’t know that my daughter lives with dyslexia. Even if you do know me, and know her, you may not know she has dyslexia. Most of the time, she is just happy kid. Teaching her every day is a constant reminder how lucky I am to be able to read and write without a struggle. She also struggles with it when she plays and when following simple instructions like “put the plate to the right of the sink” rather than the left.

However, she can read a map and navigate herself through the forest better than many adults I know. She can tell you what direction (N,S,E,W) you are facing but mixes up her left and right hand.

Her words are scrambled when she reads, and her letters get flipped around; sometimes even with sight words that she should theoretically know by her age. But, there are other words which she has never seen before that are read with ease. It’s amazing. She reminds me constantly of how her unique way of seeing the world should never be seen as disability, but as ability.

She is capable of building things in both the physical and the digital world that would blow some architects away. She began using Minecraft 16 months ago and quickly learned the interface. She has created vast cities and villages with intricately designed buildings, down to the smallest detail. Her large desk is covered in a Lego town which she changes almost daily to accommodate new ideas and “needs” of her Lego villagers.

Tonight, I saw a link to a webpage where someone put together a visual piece of work that shows exactly what someone with dyslexia goes through while trying to comprehend a simple sentence. This gave me the inspiration and opportunity to write a bit about my experience as a homeschool mother to a dyslexic student.

I hope to bring some discussion to this page with others who live with dyslexia or teach dyslexic students. What are your thoughts? What do you do to overcome the struggles? Do you have a difficult time with mathematics as well as reading? How about doing puzzles? My daughter could not do even the simplest puzzles until recently. I’d love to hear from you!

What Does Not Kill Them Makes Them Stronger: Part 2 in a series on Antibiotic Resistance & Essential Oils


Three mornings ago I wrote my first piece in a series on antibiotic resistance and the problems we are facing with ever-evolving drug resistant bacteria. That same afternoon, the CDC happened to issue a press release on antibiotic resistant Superbugs and how these bacteria are a posing threat to hospital patients. A vast majority of the antibiotic resistant infections are acquired during a hospital stay; however, Superbugs do not remain confined to the four walls of a hospital. Superbugs are ever-evolving creatures which have been disturbing our society since antibiotics were first introduced.

The expenditure of antibiotics used in the hospital setting does aid these bacteria in their evolution as Superbugs, but did you know that eighty percent (about thirty million pounds) or more of the antibiotics used in the USA is administered to livestock? That percentage is growing every year. What does farm animals’ antibiotic consumption have to do with human disease?

In my first piece on antibiotic resistance I talked a bit about the great benefits the farmers saw when they administered low doses of antibiotics to all of their livestock every day; they grew larger faster with the same amount of food as before, and to top it off they were healthier. What’s not to love? Did some of those farmers think that it’s too good to be true? If they did, they were probably right. Misuse of antibiotics on farms is considered to be the biggest influence on antibiotic resistant Superbugs. But, the side effects of antibiotics are addicting (bigger, healthier animals = more food = more profit) and much too beneficial in the “here and now” to worry about the future. But we are in the future. There is no going back to change the modifications that the bacteria have made; it’s an ever-evolving genetic modification, and these bugs are unrelenting.

At any given time, all animals (including you and I) have bacteria in our bodies. Actually, we have bacterial cells in our body than cells that make up our body! Everyone has beneficial bacteria, and it’s necessary for our survival to have those little bugs inside of us. We can also harbor bad bacteria, even if we are not showing signs or having symptoms of an active infection. Simply stated, some bad bacteria wait until your immune system is susceptible and then they present as an infection and symptoms opportunistically.

The same bad bacteria live in bodies of the livestock, and more often than not, are being fed antibiotics. The bacteria spend their time acquiring a taste for the antibiotics…and learning how to take countermeasures against modern medicine. The antibiotics are ceased before slaughter, and the animals are given a period of time to allow the medication to leave their systems. But, these mere bacteria have already matured and the animal is now a carrier of Superbugs. During slaughter there is a large percentage of contamination of innards on the meat we will eventually eat. Contamination of which is near impossible to avoid. The bacteria can then multiply, at a rate dependent on their environment. An example of how this affects humans directly is when the meat is handled improperly, or undercooked, the handler/consumer(s) are much more likely to become ill or infected with a difficult to treat Superbug.

In the medical field we see patients who have seemingly easy to treat bacterial infections. These infections may or may not already be Superbugs when they were acquired and are treated, but that does not seem to matter to bacteria in the long run when antibiotics are used. The way that the bacteria work is amazingly intriguing. Just as humans can become resistant to a drug if taken to treat a disease for a long period of time, these bacteria can become resistant to the very medications used to kill them. As with the animals, when a patient is treated with antibiotics, a percentage of the bacteria are able to alter their makeup and become capable of surviving in an environment with that antibiotic; thus creating Superbugs. What does not kill them makes them stronger.

An asset of the most prevalent Superbugs is an outer membrane, which is Gram-negative. You have likely heard that phrase, but what does it mean? In the year 1882, Mr. Gram found that when he stained his bacteria samples with something not much unlike food dye, he noticed that some cells retained the coloring after a rinse, while other cells lost their color. When looking under a microscope at samples of bacteria, cells that retain the purple color are Gram-positive while those that lose their pretty purple and when counterstained become a red and are Gram-negative. The Gram-negative cells are protected by an extra layer, the outer membrane, which consists of protein and liposaccharide. This outer membrane is what protects the Gram-negative bacteria when subjected to harsh environments and also keeps that purple stain out. This outer layer supports the transformation of mere bacteria into Superbugs after antibiotic exposure. A type of bacteria with capabilities far superior to others; including their ability to pick up resistance genes and increase virulence.

What can essential oils do about these superbugs? Chemical components found in some essential oils are capable of breaking down these outer membranes which protect the Gram-negative bacteria, as well as do other things to inhibit their growth. This is something that scientists are already studying in hopes of putting a curb to the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Now that I have explained some basics on how Superbugs are created, I will dig deeper into essential oil components and their potential benefits as bacterial infection treatments in my next piece.






Antibiotic-resistant Bugs in the 21stcentury —A
clinical Super-challenge.NEJM 2009, 360:439-443



Piles of Laundry & Turning Pain into Hope


I was tired, cold, sick and overall worn out. It’s the typical hormonal nightmare I go through every month for numerous days. I stopped taking the oregano oil for the week of my period, thinking that I should probably take a break after taking it so regularly; a “holiday” as those in the pharmaceutical world name it.

Well, the end of that holiday left me in agony. The nausea was more than I could bear and I had already overdosed myself on Zofran for my body mass, and it wasn’t doing its job.

I didn’t get the laundry folded and put away. Simple enough, that was the start of my cascade failure into hopelessness and tears. The laundry basket was still filled with folded towels from 2 days ago with clothing piled on top from the day before and two loads waiting downstairs.

Our closet was barren of towels and my daughter had to dig in the pile of clothes to get to a folded washcloth.

My daughter’s clean clothes were strewn around her room. Only a few lucky shirts got half way hung up.

School, gosh, school…the past days have been a blur and I think we only did math one day and she did maps while I attempted to make the blandest, quickest dinner ever. I thank God she loves to read.

The butter was on the counter for cookies that I wanted to make for my father, and it’s still there as I write this.

I couldn’t even clean up the kitchen after dinner, bending over did not go well after forcing food down. My husband is wonderful in the ways he picks up where I leave off on those bad days.

By the time 8 o’clock last night came around I sobbed on my husband’s shoulder of how awful I am at being a wife and mother…not being able to do our daughters lessons, clean the house up or even get laundry put away. I have so many projects I want to do, and memories to make. Days like that drag me down to feeling hopeless and inept.

My husband put his strong, bear-hug arms around me and prayed. God did not heal me of the nagging nausea and raging headache in that moment, in fact it got worse as the night went on. But God does not promise to heal us of all of our infirmities; he gave us Jesus…and that’s enough…he healed our spiritual infirmities when he died on that cross. Our spiritual sickness was healed as he spoke “it is finished”. Our sin was finished, wiped clean and we were made pure of our infirmities when we accept his sacrifice as our healing.

Could you imagine a life with no pain, no illness, no cancer, and no death? What would your purpose be? Sure, how wonderful it sounds. But life would be narcissistic and pointless for each of us. We could not live peacefully in such a world! No, our world is not peaceful as is, but that is why Christ has promised to return and conquer the world, just as he conquered spiritual death in eternity on that cross. One day there will be peace, but until that time we are to be God-focused beings, thinking of others before ourselves. It is what brings Joy; putting Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. It is the one change that, if embraced, would bring peace to our war-torn, power-fanatical world.

Each one of us has tough days, struggles with life and days with “piles of laundry” bringing despair. Despite attempts to mask struggles behind a smile, in our humility, we all know what hopelessness feels like. Whether it be struggling with chronic pain, fighting temptations of a sin-filled past, surviving in an abusive marriage, living in poverty, the loss of someone deeply loved, feeling disorganized and incompetent to meet life’s demands, or simply not knowing what to do next…we all know that feeling of despair.

Through our despair, we can bring hope to the hopeless and love to the broken heart. Through your pain, another persons pain can be lessened. God humbles us through our pain, to bring us to a place where we can endure more than we imagined possible. Through this perseverance, he builds in us character. It is in this character that we are likened to Jesus as we are made capable to love others in a way we did not know before. From this character, we can bring hope to those enduring suffering. We can share what brought us to our knees, with an open, uncovered heart and in truth.
As Christians we open our Bibles and know our God. We lean on each other for guidance when hope seems lost and our mind is spinning. We cater to the needs of others just as Jesus tends to ours. This is where we will find true joy and have a peace that surpasses understanding, even in the toughest of times.

One of my favorite pieces of scripture during a time of suffering is in Romans chapter 5:

“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And web boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

In that we remember that sufferings are actually given to us as part of life, given to us from a God who uses us, our pain and our abilities, to fulfill a much bigger plan.

Slowing Antibiotic Resistance with Essential Oils: Part One


Since the beginning of human history people have been faced with illness and disease. Both infectious and non-communicable diseases are suffered through by everyone who has lived. Sometimes it’s those illnesses that remind you that you are alive; especially when you survive through them after feeling as you surely should die. Correspondingly, people have sought to fight disease and cure their ailments. It was not until recent history that scientists discovered antibiotics to be used to treat specific strains of bacterial infections. However, these antibiotics have been proven to cause more harm than good in the long term; primarily with antibiotic resistance on the rise and super-bugs spreading faster than the news agencies can report.
When antibiotics were first introduced, they were quickly utilized in the farm environment to treat livestock disease such as mastitis and bovine tuberculosis. Farmers realized that adding antibiotics to the animal feed regularly caused an increase in growth rate in addition to better health of their livestock; even when feeding them the same about of food as before antibiotics were added. Farmers also realized something else: they would acquire an infection but antibiotics would not treat it as effectively as before. These were the first experiences with what we know now as antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Erythromycin was one of the first examples of the evolution of antibiotic resistance. It was introduced as an alternative to penicillin in the 1950’s and was completely withdrawn after less than a year because seventy percent of all the S. aureus isolates collected were found to have become erythromycin resistant. Subsequently, the same occurred with several more antibiotics.
What we know now is that during therapeutic use, the exposure of bacterial pathogens to high concentrations of antibiotics for extended periods of time lead to higher levels of resistance in the bacterial pathogens. Even at sub-inhibitory concentrations, which are concentrations below what would typically be used to inhibit bacterial growth, antibiotics can facilitate the genetic process which leads to antibiotic resistance. This means that antibiotics have been show to enhance gene transfer and recombination, leading to resistance in its strain. Even antimicrobials can play a role in this, which enhances the frequency of resistant strains showing up in hospitals and sewage systems.
Stepping away from the genetics, and looking at the big picture of how these seemingly minute bacterial changes can affect our population so greatly, we learn more that we want to know. Did you know that sixty nine percent of ground turkey is infected with at least one of five bacterial strains from fecal matter that cause disease in humans? Eighty percent of the bacteria are resistant to three or more groups of closely related antibiotics. Causing this goes back to farmers giving antibiotics regularly in their birds’ diet at a very low dose throughout their lives. The antibiotics are removed from their diet long enough before slaughter that they do not have it in their systems when killed. This may sound good if you don’t want a side of antibiotics with your meat, but those birds that were regularly given that small amount of antibiotics are shown to harbor the strains of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant and are responsible for human infection. I must add in here that turkey labeled “organic,” “no antibiotics,” or “raised without antibiotics” never receive antibiotics, and if they do need medication at some point in their lives, they are sent to a non-organic market for sale. When you buy organic, no antibiotic birds you are just as likely to receive meat that is contaminated with bacteria that cause illness, however, they are highly unlikely to include the antibiotic resistant strains.
It is obvious that the evolution of antibiotic resistance involves many combined genetic processes that are impossible to stop, but what can we mere humans do to decrease this ever-progressing problem? After much research and some small scale studies on my own on the effectiveness of essential oils, I hope to find that oils can in fact be used in place of traditional antibiotics in certain circumstance. I will continue unveiling my research in following articles.



See these for more information:



Smelling Funny: My adventure with Oregano Oil, UTI’s and Hormones


I grew up smelling like tea tree oil. It was all because of a little bottle in our medicine cabinet. All I knew as a child was that it was a deadly toxin if taken internally, but it worked wonders on cuts and skin infections. I was the kid that smelled funny whenever I scraped my knees and I had the Dad who was a vitamin rep.; resulting in my knowing more than I should have for my age the benefits of supplementing our diets with vitamins, etc… Nowadays, my husband claims I have that “deep, natural rotting woods smell” whenever I use tea tree oil, but it still smells wonderful to me and I regularly use it in my face wash and shampoo.

Today, I write about my going outside the “tea tree oil box” and my recent experiences with another essential oil: Oregano!

It’s been four weeks since I began taking oregano oil for a horrible urinary tract infection. It was the first one I had since I was pregnant with my now 9 year old daughter. I used to get them all the time, likely from dehydration and eating the wrong foods, working way to many hours and not peeing enough. They would usually start out as kidney infections or stones with a ton of pain and result in taking antibiotics that tore my stomach up.

This time it was the burning and peeing blood, along with some pain, nausea, chills and overall feeling horrible. I had been dehydrated from the typical chronic nausea I suffer with throughout the month, had taken too much zofran, which slows things down more and had to use tampons for way too long from the irregular bleeding triggered by hormonal issues (fun stuff!). Anyway, in combination, those things led to a nasty infection that I couldn’t get rid of. I did a tea tree oil compress which seemed to ease discomfort some and alleviate some of the infection but being internal, I couldn’t get the tea tree oil where it needed to go which is when I turned to my sister-in-law who sells essential oils. She recommended oregano oil taken “internally- 3 or 4 drops a day in a capsule with coconut oil. It works super-fast.”

I got a fresh bottle of oregano oil from my other sister-in-law who regularly uses oils and I started taking it right away. I did not want to take 3-4 drops a day in a capsule without knowing the exact dosage that I was getting, and I naturally have a low body mass compared to the average adult and am sensitive, therefore I overdose easily. I started by taking one drop in a capsule with olive oil, three times a day. I used the dropper that came with the oil to measure the drops out and droppers used in the lab for the olive oil.

The first three days of taking it resulted in some decent burning in my throat because I took immediately after a meal and I already have issues with regurgitation after meals. I increased the morning dose to two drops and one drop at lunch and one at dinner after a day. I also experienced gallbladder pain during the first few days of taking it, within a half hour of taking it. I thought it could be from taking olive oil, but in reality there is no way that 1/8 of a teaspoon of olive oil could cause my gallbladder to act up. Thankfully that went away.

I continued to analyze morning urine for a few days (more fun stuff) and saw the number of WBC (white blood cells) and bacteria dwindle rapidly; without taking traditional antibiotics! The burning did not go away completely though. I was regularly drinking 65-70 ounces of both unsweetened black tea and 16 ounce bottles of water with 3 drops of lemon oil per day. Burning would only subside after drinking a lot in the morning. It would be back by the overnight and I was quite uncomfortable. Two Advil on occasion took care of some of the discomfort, but it did take about 2 weeks for it to go away to a point where I was comfortable.

The one most remarkable side effect I had from taking the oregano oil was the way I felt overall. It was like I walked out of a fog and my mind was clear. I had energy on days of the month when I never have energy, and even with fighting an active infection, I felt wonderful.

While taking the oregano, I realized quickly that my hormonal swings were not making me sick like they did before, for as long as I can remember. Up until now my menstrual cycle left me nauseated beyond belief, like horrible motion sickness and headaches/background migraines, for an average of 2.5-3 weeks each month. True nocturnal migraines were waking my up at 5am at least 1-2 times a month. I was living on Zofran and Advil and felt like I couldn’t accomplish anything anymore. Anyone who takes Zofran knows that it also causes horrible constipation, and since we are already addressing bodily functions, I will let anyone with zero Zofran experience know that it’s constipation that can leave you not remembering the last time you went (7-9 days sometimes). Talk about uncomfortable! That type of constipation can trigger the nausea that makes you take the Zofran to begin with! Vicious cycle.

In the past 4 weeks of oregano, I have only taken Zofran once, and it was during my period…which was the time I decided to refrain from oregano due to not knowing implications of taking it for more than 2 weeks (I was already at 3). I did not get one migraine, and only had one background headache. I also must mention that my period was only three days this month and did not require super-duper tampons every 3 hours. It was actually normal. I realize that this could be an anomaly, and may never happen again, but read clearly when I write that I never-ever-ever-ever have normal. The one time I had what I thought was normal was a year ago. Turned out that I was pregnant for a few weeks so I never had the 1.5 weeks of spotting beforehand and nausea subsided so I got excited; I had been pregnant but only made it a few weeks before it ended abruptly and I was back to the regular routine of things.

The clarity felt during the past 4 weeks can only be explained by the oregano. I have begun taking it again this week and am doing just one drop in the morning inside of my capsule half filled with olive oil. I have some nausea this morning, and had some last night but I only just began the regime again yesterday and haven’t taken it this morning yet. I learned that waiting a while after a meal is best because it will not regurgitate and burn as much, if at all.

I must add that during the past month my husband got sick with a cold. He started with the bad burning sore throat and his sinuses clogging. I was taking oregano already, and hoped that I would not get it. I began giving him two drops of oregano three times a day (well within what I found was doTERRA’s recommended internal limit). His sore throat never progressed any further and his sinuses never got worse, actually it went away in a very short time and nobody else in the house caught it.

The other experience I had was with treating my mother’s infection of her nail bed/finger, also known as paronychia. My daughter has had this infection before a few times (probably from digging her fingers into soil) so I was well versed in what to do. Usually, my daughter’s hurts and swells for a few days, then eventually we have to open it up and drain it, and then let it heal. My mother’s infection was different, and involved a strain of bacteria that was antibiotic resistant and even after a course of strong antibiotics it returned. In the end, I learned a lot and also saw that a combination of essential oils took care of what could have been a very serious infection if left untreated. I will be doing another entry this week regarding that finger infection and what we found to work, and why it works.

I will also keep you updated on my ongoing experience with supplementing daily with oregano oil taken internally and how it affects my hormones. You will find an entry in the near future of my hypothesis as to why the oregano works to maintain hormonal balance in those who struggle with severe PMS and other dysphoric menstrual related symptoms.

Feel free to leave comments below if you have any similar experience with oregano oils or if you have any questions. I love a good challenge to research!



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The Oatmeal Cookie


I eat oats every morning, religiously, and have been doing so for as far back as I can remember. I could make them in my sleep..along with my large purple mason jar of fresh hot unsweetened tea. It’s the one thing you can count on me doing each and every morning…and it sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Oats are such a nutritious way to get going before a long day. They are a fiber filled, complex carbohydrate meal with a nice balance of fats and some protein. Add in some fruit (if you are lucky enough to not be fructose intolerant!)..and some milk (or almond milk) and a bowl of plain Greek yogurt (topped with turbinado sugar) as dessert and you have given your body a great fuel for getting through the morning.

I wanted to create an oatmeal cookie that used less simple carbohydrates( such as rice and potato or tapioca flour & sugar) and more complex carbohydrates for a healthier snack option for those low points throughout the day. I did not want it to be sweet..but it had to have enough sweet to make it a treat. It also had to be gluten free.

I don’t use cookbooks or recipes so each concoction I made was just a test to see what would happen and how flavor would be. I finally got a batch of cookies that I was happy with.

Next, I decided I had several jams in my canning cupboard that must be used…and I had been wanting to make a cookie with jam since they are my favorite hearty cookie. I got out the apple butter that was made with apples that my daughter, mother and myself picked; then the strawberry jam; then the raspberry jam from those long days we spent out picking berries. Home made jams are so much better than store bought, mass produced!! We are blessed to have the ability to grow and can all the foods we do during the warmer months! Each time we pop a jar open its a memory we are dipping into, and a flavor that is unsurpassed.

I did my thumbprint, or birdnest, oatmeal cookies with the back of a rounded 1/2 teaspoon. Perfect size!

And that’s the newest cookie of the week! Nutritious and Addicting!