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Crying in the Closet & Finding a Happy Place: 29 Weeks Pregnant, HG Life

What a crazy a title. At almost thirty weeks pregnant you would assume I wouldn't be stuck at home sick anymore, yet, I find myself in the predicament daily. Some days are worse than others but I have yet to have a day that I do not spend a minimum of 8 hours feeling either… Continue reading Crying in the Closet & Finding a Happy Place: 29 Weeks Pregnant, HG Life

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The Irritable Uterus

I've been up with contractions most of the night, many of which are painful and just minutes apart and some less painful that seem to last ten minutes at a time. This morning they are quite annoying as some feel like bad charlie horses up my sides. Why so many and why am I not… Continue reading The Irritable Uterus

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I’m back! A brief on my HG Journey…

It's been a very long road since October. I'm still traveling down that road and am sadly, yet joyfully, counting down the days until July 10, 2017. I found out that I was pregnant in October after having several bouts of insomnia, charlie horses in my legs in the middle of the night and then… Continue reading I’m back! A brief on my HG Journey…


Journal 2 Nov 2016: We Are Having A Baby!

The past week has been interesting. Last Monday night I was up all night long with a horrible stomach ache. That is not the norm for me at all, and it wasn't like I had eaten anything different or caught a virus. It just ached so badly. The rest of the week I spent almost… Continue reading Journal 2 Nov 2016: We Are Having A Baby!

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Journal 16 Oct 2016

Today was the best day I have had in, well, since I can remember. At least a dozen or so days. Yesterday was great, being on the road and exploring various places, but today I didn't have that urge to vomit constantly. I got some things done around the house this morning and decided to… Continue reading Journal 16 Oct 2016

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Journal: 15 Oct 2016

I went out to take a walk and ended up driving way out on back roads I have never explored before. I found new ways to old places and discovered where those roads went that I always wondered about. I saw horses, sheep, goats and turkeys. I ended up out in the forest driving down… Continue reading Journal: 15 Oct 2016

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Journal: 14 Oct 2016

What a week..I don't know where it went and what I did with it...but it's gone. I hate weeks like that. Weeks that are so consumed with nausea that one day runs into another and it is as though nothing substantial has been accomplished, other than some evidence that laundry was done and there is… Continue reading Journal: 14 Oct 2016