Today I decided to create a gluten free cookie with the primary base of Nutella, in hopes of creating a cookie that was like a peanut butter cookie but with the hazelnut/chocolate base flavor. My first batch started with Nutella as the only fat based ingredient, with sugar, eggs, gluten free flour (rice, tapioca, potato), baking soda, salt and xanthan gum. I added salt because Nutella does not have much sodium (opposite of peanut butter) and I used less sugar than with peanut butter cookies because Nutella has enough sugar to hold it’s own in the sweetness department.  The batter was very dry, probably because Nutella has less fat than peanut butter. I was optimistic to maybe get “brownie like cookies” with that texture, but they turned out to be flat topped cookies with little ridges around the edges and very little flavor. It was not a good cookie.

The second batch got a nice helping of natural peanut butter, some almond milk and a handful of dark chocolate chips. I was able to easily mix in a little extra peanut butter after a thorough mixing to make a “swirl” of peanut butter batter. I dropped my balls of dough on the cookie sheet and put them in the oven for the same amount of time as the previous batch. At the end of the timer I checked on them and they looked amazing; crackled tops that came up enough to see the moist interior which cooked to perfection.

That was not the end. I first taste them out of the oven while warm (who can resist?)..then waited an hour or so (okay, maybe less….) to have another one once they cooled to room temperature. I must say that during my every half hour test those cookies tasted just as good as when they got out of the oven. : )

Baking isn’t magic, it’s just a little science (okay, completely science)…but it’s fun to test ideas! Just throw some foods together from the pantry and fridge, mix them well and put them in the oven..and see what you can create!


Creating a Cookie (Gluten Free Nutella Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip)

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