A Really Red Week! Pre-Birthday/Valentine’s


I’m not a big Valentines Day celebrator but this will be a busy week. I had several orders come in over the weekend for Valentines cookies which I managed to make and ship before the end of day yesterday, but not without complications. I vowed not to try any, for reasons explained below, however, my husband and daughter decided to go out together in the morning I ended up having to taste test to be sure they came out perfect. They were done in time and I dipped and decorated them so they could be shipped by early afternoon. One of my husbands stops while he was out was to the post office to resupply our specific size and weight cookie shipping boxes; the ones we use to ship 2 dozen for under 1 pound. We have an attic filled with empty shipping boxes, literally filled…nothing else is allowed up there except these shipping supplies. But this specific priority mail box allows the perfect amount of space to properly protect the cookies from breakage with bubble wrap and also is light in weight while sturdy. This is all crucial to our packaging because going overweight means that we have to cover the extra charges, which are not cheap for priority mail. By the time they got back and told me that the post office did not have boxes, my mother had arrived which meant we couldn’t have her bring some on her trip up from the supply of them that we left at her house. We didn’t even think it was an option to see if we left a pack of that box model down there without driving for the next hour and a half, without guarantee that we would find them. So, my wonderful husband faced the frenzy and madness that snow in the forecast triggers, in search of boxes to ship cookies. At the end of the day he traveled the busiest roads to post offices that were 25 minutes apart, to find no boxes. The one post office employee refused to even check for the size, asserting he knew for a fact they did not have them.  My husband was not a happy post office shopper when he got back. He dug through the attic in one last attempt before packing everything up in corrugated, heavy, boxes. The weight was a half an ounce over one pound for all of the cookies ordered as 2 dozen, and the post office charged an extra four dollars for each box. In part, this could be my fault because I packed in a sample of two cookies in each box which could have easily put us up a half ounce. I guess that is what we pay for marketing merchandise : ) I really just wanted to share them because they are so good! I can’t eat them because of the fats (bad gallbladder), but I’m sure others would enjoy them and I don’t mind making them for people who can enjoy them.

The reason I vowed not to have a single cookie yesterday is because I had been fighting a nasty urinary tract infection for 7 days and trying to get rid of it without antibiotics, and without it going into my kidneys like these buggers used to. It’s been 9 years since I had a UTI, my last one actually believed to contribute to contractions and pre-term labor while I was pregnant. That put me in the hospital for a week with high doses of magnesium and antibiotics. I don’t remember much from the week because the magnesium made me delirious and feel like I was on fire, or was touching fire each time my skin touched anything. I can’t imagine how they dosed me. I am a strong believer in dosing by weight rather than age or estimated size.

I did a urinalysis the day before yesterday and determined the bacteria type while also determining that I need to have my lab and chemicals set up permanently. It had been a while since I dusted off the microscope, and I missed it more than I imagined. My daughter got to go on and examine my specimen and learn some more about how small bacteria can be and what a huge impact they can have on your health, despite their size. She enjoyed it enough that she sat in my chair reading and waiting for me to find something else for her to look at under the scope. I think she is ready for some hands on microbiology; starting with the building blocks of the things around us. I see chemistry in her future too. It’s all just too much fun, and way to interesting to not start young! Her science book for school time is good, but in the end of the day it’s not intriguing and does not leave wanting to know more.

This week is also my daughter, Birdie’s, birthday! She was born 9 years ago this coming Saturday. Time really goes by too fast! This is her last year in the single digits! So this week is indeed a busy week. She wants a carnivorous plant for her birthday and a horse cake. She has wanted a horse cake every year since she could speak. Some years, like when we were all really sick..we did not do a horse cake. The year my husbands mother was diagnosed with end stage ovarian cancer we never even had a birthday party for her; I think that was her 7th birthday. My daughter is a real trooper, she can handle anything even if it is disappointing for a little while. Her life has not been the conventional life whatsoever but I believe what she has faced makes her a stronger person.

As a final note, I know there are tons of people out there that suffer with urinary tract infections and end up on antibiotics at the first twinge of them. My first twinge was 8 days ago and the pain was unbearable some mornings. I was nauseated beyond comprehension for days (partially my hormone disorder, partially probably the infections) and 3 days ago I woke up peeing blood and almost passing out from the pain. It was hitting a 5/6 on my 1-10 pain scale and I only hit a 9 during all natural child birth. It was not fun. I spoke to a doctor at the ER and got an antibiotic that morning, but also started drinking a lot of water and took advil (70 oz a day for the past few days). That afternoon the blood was gone, only to be slightly detected under the scope. Two days ago I started drinking bottles of water with lemon oil all day long. Then I did a compress with warm water and tea tree oil the night before last, and last night (email me for how-to’s : ). It was yesterday morning when I woke up feeling like it had subsided. I believe the compresses did the trick. It wasn’t comfortable at first, but let me tell you, the pain relief was amazing. This morning I have started oregano oil to finish up the infection. I am hopeful! I am continue to do daily urinalysis’ and will update with exactly how beneficial I find my methods to be.

Have a happy, snowy, day!


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