I eat oats every morning, religiously, and have been doing so for as far back as I can remember. I could make them in my sleep..along with my large purple mason jar of fresh hot unsweetened tea. It’s the one thing you can count on me doing each and every morning…and it sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Oats are such a nutritious way to get going before a long day. They are a fiber filled, complex carbohydrate meal with a nice balance of fats and some protein. Add in some fruit (if you are lucky enough to not be fructose intolerant!)..and some milk (or almond milk) and a bowl of plain Greek yogurt (topped with turbinado sugar) as dessert and you have given your body a great fuel for getting through the morning.

I wanted to create an oatmeal cookie that used less simple carbohydrates( such as rice and potato or tapioca flour & sugar) and more complex carbohydrates for a healthier snack option for those low points throughout the day. I did not want it to be sweet..but it had to have enough sweet to make it a treat. It also had to be gluten free.

I don’t use cookbooks or recipes so each concoction I made was just a test to see what would happen and how flavor would be. I finally got a batch of cookies that I was happy with.

Next, I decided I had several jams in my canning cupboard that must be used…and I had been wanting to make a cookie with jam since they are my favorite hearty cookie. I got out the apple butter that was made with apples that my daughter, mother and myself picked; then the strawberry jam; then the raspberry jam from those long days we spent out picking berries. Home made jams are so much better than store bought, mass produced!! We are blessed to have the ability to grow and can all the foods we do during the warmer months! Each time we pop a jar open its a memory we are dipping into, and a flavor that is unsurpassed.

I did my thumbprint, or birdnest, oatmeal cookies with the back of a rounded 1/2 teaspoon. Perfect size!

And that’s the newest cookie of the week! Nutritious and Addicting!





The Oatmeal Cookie

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