I grew up smelling like tea tree oil. It was all because of a little bottle in our medicine cabinet. All I knew as a child was that it was a deadly toxin if taken internally, but it worked wonders on cuts and skin infections. I was the kid that smelled funny whenever I scraped my knees and I had the Dad who was a vitamin rep.; resulting in my knowing more than I should have for my age the benefits of supplementing our diets with vitamins, etc… Nowadays, my husband claims I have that “deep, natural rotting woods smell” whenever I use tea tree oil, but it still smells wonderful to me and I regularly use it in my face wash and shampoo.

Today, I write about my going outside the “tea tree oil box” and my recent experiences with another essential oil: Oregano!

It’s been four weeks since I began taking oregano oil for a horrible urinary tract infection. It was the first one I had since I was pregnant with my now 9 year old daughter. I used to get them all the time, likely from dehydration and eating the wrong foods, working way to many hours and not peeing enough. They would usually start out as kidney infections or stones with a ton of pain and result in taking antibiotics that tore my stomach up.

This time it was the burning and peeing blood, along with some pain, nausea, chills and overall feeling horrible. I had been dehydrated from the typical chronic nausea I suffer with throughout the month, had taken too much zofran, which slows things down more and had to use tampons for way too long from the irregular bleeding triggered by hormonal issues (fun stuff!). Anyway, in combination, those things led to a nasty infection that I couldn’t get rid of. I did a tea tree oil compress which seemed to ease discomfort some and alleviate some of the infection but being internal, I couldn’t get the tea tree oil where it needed to go which is when I turned to my sister-in-law who sells essential oils. She recommended oregano oil taken “internally- 3 or 4 drops a day in a capsule with coconut oil. It works super-fast.”

I got a fresh bottle of oregano oil from my other sister-in-law who regularly uses oils and I started taking it right away. I did not want to take 3-4 drops a day in a capsule without knowing the exact dosage that I was getting, and I naturally have a low body mass compared to the average adult and am sensitive, therefore I overdose easily. I started by taking one drop in a capsule with olive oil, three times a day. I used the dropper that came with the oil to measure the drops out and droppers used in the lab for the olive oil.

The first three days of taking it resulted in some decent burning in my throat because I took immediately after a meal and I already have issues with regurgitation after meals. I increased the morning dose to two drops and one drop at lunch and one at dinner after a day. I also experienced gallbladder pain during the first few days of taking it, within a half hour of taking it. I thought it could be from taking olive oil, but in reality there is no way that 1/8 of a teaspoon of olive oil could cause my gallbladder to act up. Thankfully that went away.

I continued to analyze morning urine for a few days (more fun stuff) and saw the number of WBC (white blood cells) and bacteria dwindle rapidly; without taking traditional antibiotics! The burning did not go away completely though. I was regularly drinking 65-70 ounces of both unsweetened black tea and 16 ounce bottles of water with 3 drops of lemon oil per day. Burning would only subside after drinking a lot in the morning. It would be back by the overnight and I was quite uncomfortable. Two Advil on occasion took care of some of the discomfort, but it did take about 2 weeks for it to go away to a point where I was comfortable.

The one most remarkable side effect I had from taking the oregano oil was the way I felt overall. It was like I walked out of a fog and my mind was clear. I had energy on days of the month when I never have energy, and even with fighting an active infection, I felt wonderful.

While taking the oregano, I realized quickly that my hormonal swings were not making me sick like they did before, for as long as I can remember. Up until now my menstrual cycle left me nauseated beyond belief, like horrible motion sickness and headaches/background migraines, for an average of 2.5-3 weeks each month. True nocturnal migraines were waking my up at 5am at least 1-2 times a month. I was living on Zofran and Advil and felt like I couldn’t accomplish anything anymore. Anyone who takes Zofran knows that it also causes horrible constipation, and since we are already addressing bodily functions, I will let anyone with zero Zofran experience know that it’s constipation that can leave you not remembering the last time you went (7-9 days sometimes). Talk about uncomfortable! That type of constipation can trigger the nausea that makes you take the Zofran to begin with! Vicious cycle.

In the past 4 weeks of oregano, I have only taken Zofran once, and it was during my period…which was the time I decided to refrain from oregano due to not knowing implications of taking it for more than 2 weeks (I was already at 3). I did not get one migraine, and only had one background headache. I also must mention that my period was only three days this month and did not require super-duper tampons every 3 hours. It was actually normal. I realize that this could be an anomaly, and may never happen again, but read clearly when I write that I never-ever-ever-ever have normal. The one time I had what I thought was normal was a year ago. Turned out that I was pregnant for a few weeks so I never had the 1.5 weeks of spotting beforehand and nausea subsided so I got excited; I had been pregnant but only made it a few weeks before it ended abruptly and I was back to the regular routine of things.

The clarity felt during the past 4 weeks can only be explained by the oregano. I have begun taking it again this week and am doing just one drop in the morning inside of my capsule half filled with olive oil. I have some nausea this morning, and had some last night but I only just began the regime again yesterday and haven’t taken it this morning yet. I learned that waiting a while after a meal is best because it will not regurgitate and burn as much, if at all.

I must add that during the past month my husband got sick with a cold. He started with the bad burning sore throat and his sinuses clogging. I was taking oregano already, and hoped that I would not get it. I began giving him two drops of oregano three times a day (well within what I found was doTERRA’s recommended internal limit). His sore throat never progressed any further and his sinuses never got worse, actually it went away in a very short time and nobody else in the house caught it.

The other experience I had was with treating my mother’s infection of her nail bed/finger, also known as paronychia. My daughter has had this infection before a few times (probably from digging her fingers into soil) so I was well versed in what to do. Usually, my daughter’s hurts and swells for a few days, then eventually we have to open it up and drain it, and then let it heal. My mother’s infection was different, and involved a strain of bacteria that was antibiotic resistant and even after a course of strong antibiotics it returned. In the end, I learned a lot and also saw that a combination of essential oils took care of what could have been a very serious infection if left untreated. I will be doing another entry this week regarding that finger infection and what we found to work, and why it works.

I will also keep you updated on my ongoing experience with supplementing daily with oregano oil taken internally and how it affects my hormones. You will find an entry in the near future of my hypothesis as to why the oregano works to maintain hormonal balance in those who struggle with severe PMS and other dysphoric menstrual related symptoms.

Feel free to leave comments below if you have any similar experience with oregano oils or if you have any questions. I love a good challenge to research!



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Smelling Funny: My adventure with Oregano Oil, UTI’s and Hormones

2 thoughts on “Smelling Funny: My adventure with Oregano Oil, UTI’s and Hormones

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  2. thanks for your story! i suffer from uti’s approx 2x/year, which is 2x too many for me. They come fast, hit hard and make me feel like death. I get all the crazy symptoms super fast almost without warning ie/ pain in urinating, blood in urine, urgency, fever, chills, nausea. I have resorted to having an emergency script of antibiotics handy at all times just in case. Waiting in an emergency room for hours has panicked me about the infection reaching my kidney’s and having issues there. not to mention its agonizing waiting.
    I use essential oils and thank you for explaining how you used oregano to help your issues. I am also wondering what kind of ‘diet’ you follow or think you should follow to help prevent uti’s from returning. I am sure that it effects utis as well.
    thanks again for your help

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