You have probably wondered why I have not written my follow ups to the series on antibiotic resistance and essential oils. Well, I have been struck with some nasty nausea and migraines continuously. You see, I was taking the oregano but realized that it’s probably not the best thing to take when trying to have more children. I stopped taking it for the most part, and only took it two days last week when I had nausea first thing in the morning because I knew it helped with that. Not thinking much about the nausea, since I often have that sensation anyway, I went about my days. But, I also got two migraines last week which don’t happen anymore.

One day I came home early from a hike because I felt so sick and had another sudden migraine. I took a pregnancy test, which came back negative.  I knew it would be negative but it made me feel better to check. My husband told me to wait until the morning and take another. I told him it would be a waste, but I took one the next day anyway and left it alone, since I knew it would be negative.

Well, I went up after I ate breakfast and there it was….that second line. I thought I was seeing things but I’ve seen enough negative strips in the past year to know that this was surely a line! I looked at every angle and then my husband looked and he saw it too. I had to go to the store for some art supplies, but as soon as I got back I took another one. And there was the second line again..showing up as soon as I took the test! Over the past few days I’ve accumulated a strip of strips (love the cheap pregnancy tests from amazon!) with at least 7 positives and about 3 I would consider negatives. When I had my daughter the tests the doctors did were very faint positives and my numbers did not climb too quickly in the beginning. To have a line up of positives this early is a good thing! We are hoping it sticks this time! However, we are only cautiously excited because of past experience.

I seem to be functioning better first thing in the morning (before finishing eating) but the rest of the days have been nothing but fighting the nausea and throbbing migraines. Sleep would be wonderful but the pain is too intense. I fear taking advil could disrupt things and tylenol does nothing. So, for now, I will continue my research during the hours I can think straight and write as often as I can!



Update 10.2.16

Unfortunately, the pregnancy that I had written about ended within weeks of it beginning. That seems to be the road we are on. At least twice since that pregnancy I have had positive tests and all the symptoms that have ended in early loss. If it is God’s will, we will have more kids. I am beyond blessed with the family I have and I know that God has put me here, in these circumstances, for a reason.




Seeing Lines

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