Through Him All Things Were Made


Through him all things were made. Everything known to man was made with the same simple elements composed of protons, neutrons and electrons in various arrangements (to keep it simple). Everything, period.

Arguments and debates begin and often distract us from the true picture; which is one of God’s infinite ability and glory. Does it really matter, in our daily lives and to our salvation through Christ how God made everything?

He wanted us to know that he made everything but did not see it necessary to explain the hows in details and timelines. Time was created for us, and sometimes we forget that. He is the past, present and future. God has no time. Mere humans would not be able to comprehend the hows even if God did explain them; we may think that our society is advanced in the fields of science and mathematics but  we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure that our God does not intend for his children to quarrel over petty things that no living human will ever have an answer to. It is his will that none shall perish, and with that we should focus on the faith rather than “proving” or forcing opinions on others. Sometimes quarrels over creation can tear apart fellowships that would otherwise be strong. And for what? Nobody has the answer. Focus on the faith.


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