What’s cooking this week?

Well, three generations of us girls went out apple picking this week and came home with well over one hundred pounds of apples. It’s become a tradition to process apples each fall into dozens of jars of apple pie filling. Based off of my grandmothers recipe for apple pie, we never actually used it for apple pie, but more as a side dish for dinner or topping for ice cream.

My mother came over and peeled apples while I prepped to do the first batch two days ago, then yesterday I (with some assistance from Aryanna) processed two batches. One of the two batches I did yesterday was for hot apple pie filling; not hot in the sense of heat, but hot in the sense of spicy…think scary hot…ghost pepper hot…bhut jolokia with habanero and jalapeno hot. Doesn’t sound good? Well, you would just have to try it, wouldn’t you? I’m not a spice loving individual, and by no means did the spicy mixed with apples sound good to me. I’m a traditional type when it comes to most foods. However, after this cooked down for a while I couldn’t resist several taste tests! Why would I mix the two flavors? My husband raved over my ghost pepper jelly mixed with our usual apple pie filling, so I had to figure out a way to combine the two flavors in one jar!

I don’t think this would be very good as an apple pie or tart filling, unless spicy is the only way you do foods. But it would definitely be awesome as a side to pork chops, chicken…really any meat..or even topped on vanilla ice cream.

Am I selling this newest creation on my online store? I’m making limited batches of this because my ghost pepper, habanero and jalapeno plants will be coming to an end in the coming weeks. If you just have to try a jar of these hot apples or want the perfect gift for that heat-lover in your life, send me an email and we can arrange for a fresh made jar to be shipped to your doorstep! I accept pay-pal and always use USPS for shipping unless otherwise requested. Also, for more traditional apple pie lovers, I am selling my traditional apple pie filling/topping as well. : )



Hot Apple Pie Filling!

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