I had big plans for yesterday, but when the nausea set in I was pretty much sidelined from everything I had wanted to complete. Not eating for a few days,  having one good day, then not eating or drinking yesterday brought on fatigue and my zofran didn’t even touch the ready to vomit sensation that lasted until I went to bed. I did clean out the closet and put away shorts, replacing them with cuddle duds that are a must have now that it’s getting chilly.

Today I haven’t done too much but I’m planning on peeling apples with my mother in a little while and making more apple pie filling to process. I got seven jars with yesterdays work; it’s amazing how much they cook down! All that work for seven jars makes you really appreciate them throughout the year! I do have another half bushel to do today. While the apples are cooking I think we are going to be baking a cake finally. Last night was a rough night and my husband had already to me earlier in the day not to make a cake. He made it clear that the best birthday gift he has is a gift he has every day: us spending time together as a family. He told me not to make a cake or do anything else because it’s not necessary. Regardless, we have a 9 year old who has big plans for the birthday week!

The rain just stopped finally, but apparently the winds are going to get stronger. At some point before the wind picks up I have to get on my mucking gear and head out into my lake, er, I mean garden, to pick some of the larger peppers so they don’t rip the plants apart. We also have to pick Canna seeds before the wind pops them out. Aryanna looked out back a little bit ago and said “Hey Mom, Where’s the ducks?” because we have lakes throughout the yard. I imagine we will have ducks out there at some point now that they are flying through again.

It’s already one o’clock so I must get busy baking. It’s chilly in here and I’m looking forward to get the kitchen heated up!


Journal: A Wash of a Day

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