MOM!!!! I hear my daughter screaming from atop the stairs. I was walking my Dad out to his car when I heard the piercing scream. I had sent her upstairs to shower and thought that maybe she got soap in her eyes. Instead, I walk in the room to see my daughter holding a comb to her head with a mass of hair wrapped around it. She meekly stated “I was just trying to curl my hair…”as she looked at me with those big eyes. I laughed to myself as I thought back to my childhood friend doing something similar to my hair that ended in a short section of hair on the back of my head; a section of which I swore my mother wouldn’t notice. curls1

I started to giggle as I tried desperately to unwind and pick apart the mess. She did it as tightly as she could and apparently as soon as she tried to unwind it she said “Uh-oh” and summoned the mother who is the trusted fix-it-all. After a few minutes she heard her father come upstairs and she quickly closed the bathroom door and whispered to not tell him. Of course he hears the ruckus and had to come see what is was funny.

So there we are, huddled in the bathroom around the naked and slightly embarrassed 9 year old trying to “un-curl” her hair. I had resorted to giving her bangs, but my husband was determined to get it untangled.


After lots of giggles and a short video captured to send to my mother, Super Dad successfully saved her hair!

She has been going through a braid phase. Every night she washes her hair and puts anywhere between one and five braids in her hair so she will have waves in the morning. I remember going through the same phase, so I completely get it. But, next time she wants curls she promised she will tell me and we will use something other than a comb!


Just Curls

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