I went out to take a walk and ended up driving way out on back roads I have never explored before. I found new ways to old places and discovered where those roads went that I always wondered about. I saw horses, sheep, goats and turkeys. I ended up out in the forest driving down dirt roads and parking to photograph mushrooms or leaves that caught my eye. I went to the river and listened to the peacefulness that is only found in the forest. I watched leaves float down the river and wondered if the squirrel so daringly crossing the river by jumping from treetops to treetops had ever fallen in. Do squirrels swim? I saw a baby squirrel accidentally get its feet wet in the river a few weeks ago and it was not thrilled with the idea of wet feet. It actually acted like a nut for about twenty minutes after it got its feet wet. It was almost like it was trying to get away from its feet by running around and up and down trees. Quite comical indeed.


I ended up out in the state forest, alone with the wilderness. It was so nice to not hear any sounds of cars or planes.  I have such a love for the pinelands, it’s indescribable. It’s the most peaceful place I could be without traveling hours into the mountains where I don’t even have to worry about having cell service and receiving phone calls.  (I prefer life without a cell phone.) The leaves are changing and there are splashes of reds and yellows across the horizon of the water now. The light this time of year is perfect for photographing, the shadows bringing such warmth into every shot. I got to take some good pictures today although when I’m alone I can’t focus too much on photographing because I have to be on alert and constantly observing the surroundings. I love when my husband can go with me, then I can just spend as much time enjoying the wilderness thoroughly; he gets to be the one responsible for safety. : ) mushrooms1

My daughter is with my mother for the weekend because I was so sick yesterday with nausea. I was afraid that today would be another bad day so when my mother offered to take her home I was thankful. They got to go work in their garden and enjoy the beautiful fall day. This morning I decided that I would bake another chocolate cake and test the recipe I came up with this past week. Testing it meant just throwing everything in together and making the cake as though it were a boxed cake mix. I made mistakes on purpose and did not cook it with convection like I usually do. It still came out tasting great. The only difference is that it did not rise the same as when I take my time to cream the butter, sugar and eggs. I also made another loaf of banana bread, so yummy.

Tonight I decided to create a recipe for maple cookies. I’ve had a hankering for those Canadian maple leaf cookies with cream inside them. They are amazing. I have wanted to make something similar for a long time but never had a chance. Tonight I had some butter on the counter and decided to give it a try. The fist batch came out with great texture, although they are soft. I need to figure out how to make a crunchy cookie like the original maple cookies. The flavor is not as strong as I had hoped, but again, it was just the first batch. I’m going to try again this week sometime.

It’s already 8:30 pm and the kitchen looks like I’ve been baking all day : ) I have some clean up to do.




Journal: 15 Oct 2016

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