Thoughts: 4 Nov 2016

I got to see an old friend today who I haven’t seen in years. We’ve talked on and off but today he happened to pull in behind me and we were going to the same place.  I didn’t notice him or get his picture message of my truck bed telling me to look behind me. We knew each other from the fire dept and used to pull all-nighters together running off to calls, photographing and getting photographs in the news for events that went on.

It was nice to talk with him because although we chatted recently via text, we haven’t actually talked in a while. It’s funny because in the past few weeks I’ve had at least half a dozen people I haven’t talked to in a long time reach out to me and he was one of them. He happens to deal with a lot of the GI issues and food restrictions that myself, my daughter and my mother deal with. The difference is that he deals with colitis that puts him in the hospital quite often and even requires steroid treatment.  He also has back problems now that keep him from being able to walk very far and his fire dept career is a thing of the past. I realize how lucky I am to be able to do all that I do even though I have my bad days. Sure, many days if I let myself I would likely throw up at least after each meal and a few times in between but I can get out and take 10 mile hikes in rough terrain without issue if I want to. He is stuck in the sitting position most of the time even though he would like to be out moving. However, he is a doer. He doesn’t just sit at home and have pity parties. He goes out and does amazing photography, his number one passion. There are too many people who consider themselves invalids that act like invalids but are capable of doing something more than sit. This person gets out, regardless of their pain, and follows his passion because loves it and the pain won’t stop him.

Has the majority of our world lost passion?  I wonder that sometimes because although I see a lot of people portraying “passion” for things on the internet, I rarely encounter someone in the real world living their passion. Are people just too busy? Do they work too much? Do the kids have too many activities that keep the parents from pursuing their passions? Will the children lack passion because they never saw their parents pursuing them? These are questions I ponder.


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