Who I Am.

Welcome to Count Your Cookies!

My name is Kayla and I am the owner/operator of Les Pekarna, and writer here at Count Your Cookies.

I am a wife and mother, explorer, scientist, photographer, homeschool teacher, baker, cook, household manager and emergency manager with a degree in the sciences. I am a God fearing, Christ loving woman from New England who enjoys adventure and anything pertaining to being outdoors.

My days are filled with various things. Being a homeschool mom means that I get to spend my days with my daughter; leading her and teacher her everything from simple math concepts to proper etiquette, and how to follow so that one day she can lead. One thing we do each day, rain or shine or snow, is get out in the woods for a walk, bike ride or run. That time is one of our favorite times together because we can just talk without the distractions of the world around us and the chores that must be done.

For several years I studied biochemistry and physics, enjoying every bit I learned from it but realized that going to work at the end of my degrees would mean never being home. I worked in emergency management, managing medical units then entire shelters during disasters. This meant that I would go periods of time without being home. I thrived in the high pressure environment and loved it; I work and think best in those circumstances. I was a single mother at the time but my future husband and I had been together for several years. We were both accustomed to the lifestyle where we didn’t see each other for stretches of time that sometimes went on for months. We were best friends though, and have always had trust and communication that most people don’t understand. I realize now that I take that trust for granted when I examine the world outside of him and me.

I was offered two jobs after working as the Incident Commander for shelters after hurricane Sandy; one from state troopers and one from a federal agency. I was interested in both, and both said that with the experience and abilities I had shown I wouldn’t need to worry about pressing to finish my degree before starting to work; they would pay the way going forward. I had a 4.0 GPA and was close to the end, so it all sounded great. That was, until my (future) husband laid out my options and showed me the reality of what life would become if I chose to go either of those routes. It would mean a life outside of home, and eventually a life that would put work before family; who I am is too focused and that lifestyle was addicting, albeit all-consuming and stressful. What did I choose? Family.

So, here I am, writing my thoughts, researching never-ending information and creating recipes!