Cinnamon Bread with Buttermilk, Gluten Free

Are you  having a difficult time finding a gluten free bread that will act as a snack, a dessert and a breakfast staple? Look no further than this Cinnamon Bread made with Buttermilk! This is a staple loaf in our home. Our favorite way to enjoy this is by slicing a few slices off, putting some butter on both sides then placing it in a pan, flipping it over when the first side down is just a light golden color. Then, you top the slices off with some Vermont maple syrup. You have just created the best french toast you have ever had, without the hassle and dirty bowls and mixers! It is just delectable!  No pan to put it in? Busy at work and want this as a snack? Just stick it in the microwave for ten seconds and top with butter or your favorite spread. I have to admit that although I enjoy this bread at room temperature, I was spoiled once I had warmed it and topped it with butter.



Ingredients: Brown Rice flour, Tapioca flour, Buttermilk, Egg, Butter, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt, Xanthan gum, Brown Sugar

Would you like to try this bread for yourself? Please fill out the order form below and I will send you an invoice through Paypal for payment. Orders are created fresh as soon as payment is received. Loaf Price is $12 plus shipping USPS Priority Mail.



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