Preserving Food

If you are like me, you want to avoid store bought processed foods as much as possible. Rarely do you find me going down the canned goods isle at the store because I could put the big box stores to shame with the number of canned goods lining the shelves of bookcases, jelly cupboards and filling shelves in the basement.  It’s wonderful to pop open a jar of chicken, scotch bonnet chili, or strawberry jam and never have to read a label! I know exactly what is in each jar because my hands carefully prepared each one. I can shop in my living room for dinner and turn to my dried foods for a quick snack pack or grind a little extra flavor to a dish.

I started processing canned goods in a basic water bath canner I got at Walmart. I started with simple things like apples, cranberries and raspberries. Then, I realized that nothing is actually difficult to process and preserve. In time, and after a lot of reading, I was ready to move onto a pressure canner. My pressure canner is an All-American 21.5 quart and I love it.

For dried foods, I have two driers that are used for everything from herbs and apples to ghost peppers. They are made to be cleaned so I don’t need to worry about cross contamination.

In this portion of my website, I hope to share with you some of the methods, errors and lessons I have learned during my experiences processing foods. Because this website is a work in progress, please check back often!