Websites I Enjoy

There are a lot of websites that I enjoy or turn to for information when I really want the nitty-gritty details on something. Then there are the people I know who have websites and are there to share their stories. There are also businesses that I support, both small and large. This page is a compilation of these webpages for you to check out for yourself!

Science & Education

A scientific supplies company with a good catalog with good prices

Need to identify a feather? Want to base a craft on a specific bird feather but not sure where to start? Check out this US Fish and Wildlife site! We use it for stained glass feathers!

MIT online for highschoolers or younger kids who yearn for more. Great for homeschoolers!

Personal Care

Essential Oils from a company that takes pride in the details they supply to their customers


Nic Plynel creates bright and colorful artwork based on scripture


Businesses I Trust

Need a special print done? Doing professional photography or artwork? Need business cards or wedding invitations made? Artist and cartoonist Guy Dorian even has his work printed at Printing2Go. You can trust them to get your printing done right!

Amazon Prime. This is our family go-to for more things than I can list! We have had amazon prime for years and the fee we pay yearly pays for itself quickly with the shipping! With free and fast 1-2 day shipping (even Sunday delivery!) this is one site we love to shop with! This site has a great variety of products with great customer service!